Spotlight: Decree 2027 (2016) & the formation of the National Reincorporation Council

Date Publish: 
Jueves, Febrero 2, 2017

The final set of peace accords signed on November 24th of last year includes a provision for the creation of a National Reincorporation Council (CNR, by its Spanish acronym). This Spotlight analyzes the role of the CNR, based on the content of Decree 2027, which gave the CNR legal standing at the end of last year. The Council will be responsible for a significant portion of the processes related to the reincorporation of former FARC-EP guerrillas into social, economic, and political life in Colombia.The figure to the left outlines the way in which Decree 2027 frames the reincorporation process. In summary, reincorporation begins by recognizing that the disarmed guerrillas are individuals with distinct experiences who will embed within larger dynamics in the communities and societies into which they intend to reincorporate, and that the likelihood of a smooth transition may be increased by fostering, broadly stated, productive activities and active democratic participation. 

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Reintegración y Prevención del Reclutamiento (RPR)